Belinda Lyons ZuckerBelinda Lyons Zucker is a remarkable artist who created over 400 dolls and figures for galleries and by commission since 1998. An accomplished ceramic artist and painter, Belinda transforms her love of fabric and clay into characters of anthropomorphic quality.

“I want to stretch the definition of dolls as playthings to objects of art that serves as mediators. Each character can represent a time or a feeling of a real-life person. I want them to speak to you and make you smile”

Her work has been shown in solo and juried exhibitions, most notably, “the grandMOTHERS” a solo exhibit at Northhampton Center for the Art, Northampton Massachusetts. Belinda’s work has also been seen in several publications of Art Doll Quarterly and Preview.




Belinda Lyons Zucker, fiber artist  Indigo Charms by Belinda Lyons Zucker Love doll by Belinda Lyons Zucker


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