Nancy Wilson

My goal is to bring the magic & beauty of color to objects of everyday use in combinations which attract attention and comment.  My sources come from nature -- the sky, the ocean, mountains, the earth that we walk on.  Color can be evocative, energizing, soothing, or inspiring.  To me, color, harnessed by line, shape, form, and texture, is a means to balance and harmony in our busy, manmade world.


Pink Box by Nancy WilsonNancy Wilson painted boxes at Salmon Falls Artisans Showroom


About my mobiles ...

Color is my obsession. To me, color gives vibancy to life. Color in summertime is almost overwhelming – the variety and intensity of hue, the subtle shading of a petal ‘s edge or the contrast of delicately drawn veins, for instance. Succomb to the temptation of close examination of any flower and you will not be disappointed.

The design process entails several mock-ups with much trial & error to determine and adjust the stringing and the shapes and, of course, the colors so that each piece and the mobile as a whole will hang properly. Watch and enjoy.


Winter Hours 
January - April

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday


Spring/Summer/Fall HOURS
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am-5pm
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Sunday 11am-6pm

Holiday closings: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day


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