Kerry Stone    1. a combination of fitting parts into a pleasing or orderly whole: congruity 2. agreement in feeling, action, ideas, interests, etc; peaceable or friendly relations 3. a state of agreement or proportionate arrangement of color,size,shape etc. 4. Agreeable sounds, music  5. Music a} the simultaneous soundings of 2 or more tones esp. when satisfying to the ear. b} structure in terms of the arrangement, modulation etc of chords.

My life has been a search for harmony. I find it in the early morning, when I step out into my garden... in the softness of the air and light. I hear it in the bird’s songs....I see it in the flowers, awake and waiting for the day.

I find it in myself with my daily yoga practice, my meditations and in my daily morning writings. I am learning to slow down the rushing in my life. It has taken me 50 years to learn this. To savor  the pink sky of sunrise from my bedroom window..feeling like I won a prize for waking early enough to see that delicious color. Creating a peaceful home in the country, growing vegetables and peonies, iris, sunflowers and poppies...Seeing my lazy cat laying in the sun,the chickens always busy scratching the earth...the dogs always eager for adventure, the children in their active imaginations.

In my work, I want to describe the harmony I find in everyday life.I want to share it.Harmony can be expressed in color, shape and feeling. In this technological world of ours, we need reminders to get back to nature, to be quiet,  and to let our imaginations go.

When I think of world peace...I wonder, would it be possible for all of us to live in harmony?  Harmony with each other and  in harmony with the earth? What would that look like? My contribution to world peace is living a peace filled life. Trying to balance the chaos of the world by seeing the beauty and the greatness.

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