Laura Rideout - Art On A Whim Stained GlassLaura Rideout
Art On A Whim

I am a self-taught stained glass artist, who lived in Southeast Alaska, surrounded by the Tongass Rainforest for over twenty years. My husband, Scott, and I owned and operated a salmon-troller/halibut-longliner; (commercial fishing boat) while living a remote, island lifestyle.

This lifestyle inspired a deep appreciation and love for raw wilderness, the sea, & the natural beauty of the land.

While incorporating natural and found objects into my work, I interpret the images and textures of the ecosystem with the use of light, color and form. I don’t attempt to duplicate a landscape; rather I try to convey how I felt within that particular landscape; the exhilaration of motion, or serene solitude.

I began creating glass artwork in 1995 after participating in a weekend class taught by a friend visiting our community.

However, my vision took form at a much earlier age. As a child I was given a blanket to lie on, and was told to watch the clouds to see what I could see. This marked the beginning of my life as an avid cloud watcher and became the inspiration for my original stained glass artwork I call “Clouds”.

I hope these Clouds bring you as much pleasure to look at, to “see what you can see”, as I did in creating them. Each Cloud is unique and individually handcrafted. I use high quality art glass, and accent with sea washed beach glass, driftwood, coral, barnacles, clam knuckles; geodes, rocks, and other treasures.

I pay attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship. I am also committed to recycling.  I will incorporate scrap stained glass, bottle bottoms and handles, broken or intact antique light fixtures, faceted or pressed glass into my designs.  On a whim, I may add texture with vintage nails, marbles, handcrafted fused glass, pottery shards, crystals, beautiful bevels, scrap metal, & glass beads.

Laura Rideout owns Art On A Whim Stained Glass in Brandon, Vermont

Laura Rideout, Art on a Whim Stained Glass




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