Sue Reed


Sue Reed is a landscape architect, author and photographer fascinated by the intersection between the natural world and the “made” world. Her photographs, like her landscape designs, aim to highlight and reveal unexpected or rarely noticed aspects of familiar natural settings.

Recently, Sue has explored the surprising effects created by juxtaposing clear and iridescent glass spheres, hand-blown by Josh Simpson, against icicle-draped cliffs, frozen ponds, pebbly-streams and rocky lakes. Ice, water and sky, all merge with the crystal glass. And the spheres, in their reflective and light-bending quality, both mirror the surrounding world and are themselves transformed by it. The aim in each photograph is to convey the gentle interplay between the real world outside the sphere and the surreal world inside it.

Sue Reed lives in Shelburne Center, Massachusetts, a part of the world that contains so many brooks and ponds that most of Sue’s photos are shot within a few miles of her home.






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