E. Joseph McCarthy

E. Joseph McCarthy is a Buckland, Massachusetts native who lived for twenty years in New Jersey before returning to Greenfield in 1972.  Since that time he has been a full-time artist whose work has focused on color.  His large abstract oil canvasses fill the eye with luminous yellows, oranges, reds, and balanced with cool blues, greens and purples, all edged in softness.  The vertical structures of his earlier “Cityscape” series have been boiled down to their essential elements as they float in a sea of warm colors and movement.  Joe’s new work displays a vibrancy and hope that reflect both his urban and rural backgrounds.

In addition to selling here at Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, his work has been exhibited at the Powers Gallery in Acton, Massachusetts, The Paula Bar Gallery in Chelsea, New York, Carver Hill Gallery in Portland, Maine, The Pushkin Gallery in Greenfield, and St. Francis Church in Lee, Massachusetts.

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