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"Growing up on a homestead in Vermont instilled in me a backbone of function and utility that is reflected in each piece I make, however fanciful its form. I use many wild and local materials in my slips and glazes including wood ash and clay dug right out of the ground. I wheel-throw my work from white stoneware and fire it to cone 10 in a wood-burning kiln for approximately 18 hours. Wood-firing allows me to be physically engaged in the firing process but at the same time, forces me give up control and realize that the fire will do what its wants at the end of the day. The elements of surprise, unpredictability, and variation add richness to my pots that my hand alone could not create. More than anything else, I draw inspiration from the fact that the pot I am forming in my hand has the potential to become an intimate part of someone’s daily routine - bringing joy and purpose to daily activities that can easily become mundane."

Maya Machin attended Hampshire College and the Penland School of Crafts. She completed a three-year apprenticeship with Mark Shapiro and has studied with Ikuzi Teraki and Jeanne Bisson at Romulus Craft, Michael Kline, David Stuempfle, Kim Ellington, Naomi Dalglish, and Michael Hunt. She works out of her newly renovated barn in Ashfield, MA.

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