Gabriele Kuestner is an expert in her art. With a finely tuned feel and a perfect sense for color and coordination, Kuestner cuts colored glass sticks into slices with her diamond cutter.  These are combined into patterns, giving them their characteristic honeycomb pattern.  After firing to 900º and cooling, the disc is polished and submerged to a temperature of about 700º.  Careful polishing then creates a velvety texture.

Kuestner’s works are to be found in many important design museums and collections all over the world. In the United States she is represented by the famous William Traver  Gallery of Seattle, Washington. She trained in the College for Glass Technology Hadamar as a glass polisher and etcher and also at the Pilchuk Glass School in Stanwood, WA in the USA.

Salmon Falls Artisans Showroom displays her work along with collaborative pieces done with Josh Simpson.




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