Sarah Holbrook, photographerSarah Holbrook

"Taking a photograph is part magical journey to the spot where the rock leans just west , the mountain breaks the clouds or the woman turns her face into darkness  . . .   part magical pause filled with belief that the light will turn,  the receding wave will leave it’s signature, she will set her glass in front of the candle  . . . .  part  moment of recognition as the image is tossed before you, in an instant,  headlights catch snow,  the wave breaks, she smiles  . . .   but always it is the gift of light, light dancing with the wave and into the camera, dancing with her face and into the lens. I am grateful to have been able to hold a camera all these years, To try and catch the moments of sunlight in a glass of orange juice, moonlight on snow.   To remind us all how beautiful this world can be, how special a moment, how fragile a planet."

Sarah Holbrook is a local photographer.  She studied Philosophy at Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts, and  worked in photography, film and television in New York City in the late 1960’s early 1970’s.  She worked solely with handmade cameras in the 1990’s and now works with both pinhole and digital cameras. She incorporates movement and low light in her work, with snow, ice, night and water as her inspirations.

Holbrook has exhibited throughout New England with solo shows in Boston, Wiscasset ME, Deerfield, Greenfield, and Shelburne Falls.

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 Gold Gunnel by Sarah holbrook

Black on Grey by Sarah Holbrook


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