Cosima Hewes

I am an artist living with my husband, son and a medley of rabbits, chickens, goats and dogs in the hills of the Pioneer Valley.

In 1990 I received my degree in Studio Art from The University of Vermont.  In 1991 I moved to a rural commune in Virginia.  I spent 10 years there doing everything from milking cows and weaving hammocks to building a hay barn and birthing my son.   In 2001 I moved to an apartment in Shelburne Falls MA with my partner and son and began a 5-year search for land to build on or a house. Neither my husband nor I had ever owned our own home before and we were determined to find a place where we could strive for some level of sustainability.  In April of 2006 we finally bought a neglected 1820s farmhouse and began the battle to make it our own and compatible with our ambition to live more in harmony with nature.

Ten years later finds us surrounded by all that we have struggled to build ... the cordwood chicken coop that houses the ducks and chickens that give us eggs and meat, our hoop house full of winter spinach,  slowly maturing fruit trees and gardens growing as much food as we can bear to tend.  This past winter I moved into the timber frame art studio that my husband and I built. I was finally able to have the time and space to reflect on my animals who ground me and keep me more in touch with nature than I would be without them. They get me up early in the morning, let me see the midnight stars as I check on one in labor, and share my pleasure in being out in every type of weather.



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