Joy Friedman, potteryI have such awe of nature’s beauty; it brings me joy, comfort and inspiration.  I appreciate that I live in beautiful western Mass. and that my studio is in a converted barn across from a small lake. I enjoy walking in the woods and experiencing the extreme seasons of New England and its many landscapes. I have a passion for flowers and I love to work in my garden.  The patterns and colors used in my pottery designs are inspired by leaves and trees, flowers and petals, sand and water.

I have been making pots for more than 20 years now... every day, steadfastly. Yet I try to approach clay with that same lust for discovery each time I start to work. I feel lucky and blessed to be able to do the work I love. Using my hands and creating pots to be used by other people's hands feels very fulfilling and satisfying to me. Visit Joy's website at




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