Klaus Bosch - "The Sandman"

"Two important events took place in the early 60s. The year of 1963 witnessed the birth of me, Klaus Bosch, in Austria. Meanwhile, around the globe some art students in California were working on a kinetic art research project -- giving the birth to the raw idea of sand pictures. Flash forward a couple decades -- I became the "Sandman" when I adapted the kinetic .

In 1983, like many 20 year old guys - I was searching for something that could fill up my life and express my creativity.  So I started painting – all self-taught – with pencil, water colour and oil. There was no satisfaction for me. So I started playing guitar and singing. With a couple of friends we had a band and in '85 we had our first concert with some beat music from the sixties and seventies. That was real fun! I loved it. But it was the only gig for me because again two important things happened at the same time: I fell in love with my wife Monika and my good friend Werner Pieper gave me one of the sandpictures which were around that time with the comment: ‘Klaus, I think you’ll love this’. I did - and still do. That was in early '86."

Klaus continues to produce sandpaintings today. His work is sold worldwide. Along with the small pieces we sell at Salmon Falls Gallery, he creates large wall installations. All sandpaintings are hand crafted and made in the artists’ studio.



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