Petula Bloomfield

"My collection of delicate knitted jewelry fashioned from silver, coated copper and brass wires, wears like whispers against the skin. The kinetic elements of the pieces rearrange themselves to the motions of the body. In a process that oxidizes the silver, subtle gray tones are created that are interspersed with blacks and the occasional shot of gold. Designed to be worn as single strands or multiple strands to create a bit of drama, wear my jewelry under your clothing next to your skin or visible to all. Dress up, dress down, wear it as the perfect accessory to formal occasions or while you mow the lawn. It will change the way you feel."

Petula Bloomfield grew up in Stratford upon Avon, England, and has a Master of Science in Design from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She has been an exhibiting professional artist since 1990. This collection grows out of a cross-cultural history of working with paper, paint and textiles.




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