Annie Bacon  

Stained Glass Artist, Jewelry Maker & Colorist

Inspired by nature each creation done by spontaneous design with only a general concept of the finished product – the finished piece – a surprise for all. Many designs created from ideas imagined in dreams. Her intent is to bring beauty and whimsy to feed the soul.

A New England farm girl, youngest of seven, Annie is an artist and paralegal and has been creating various types of art since childhood. Her glasswork embodies preserving treasures from the past and broken objects of beauty into keepsakes for the future. Items are renewed and reinvented to be enjoyed.

Her jewelry is truly one of a kind and stretches normal boundaries with unusual combination and freeform designs. Each piece painstakingly hand beaded in up to 20 – 40 hours into beautiful and functional treasures.

In both custom stained glass and jewelry designs Annie incorporates your personal sentimental objects into her designs.

Favorite remarks  -  “Not everyone peaks in their twenties” and “Have fun nobody gets out alive”




Winter Hours 
January - April

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday


Spring/Summer/Fall HOURS
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

Holiday closings: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day


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