Juliet Bacchas
Juliet Rose Pottery

"The inspiration for me becoming an artist was planted by my mother. I can remember as a child drawing from photographs and comic books, and my mother being so proud of my ‘artwork’. Her encouragement and faith in me made me want to aspire to become an artist. As I grew up, I made several attempts in the business world, but knew there was something missing. I made a life changing decision and enrolled in Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing arts. At the time I had no idea of how I would pay my tuition or expenses. I found that through faith, prayers, perseverance, my mother, my friends, and my teachers, and hard work, dreams come true.

I was a child of the Jamaican countryside, and I set my sights high and made it through four years of college. In my second year I was honored to receive a bronze medal form the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission(JCDC). In 2000, I received a silver medal, again from the JCDC. I also received the William Aiken Cash Award in my final year, which helped pay my tuition. At my graduation I was the first recipient of the Cecil Baugh award of Excellence. It was an honor to have my medal placed around my neck personally from the Master Potter of Jamaica himself……Cecil Baugh. I will cherish this honor always.

My career began as a high school teacher and part time potter. In my reading I found a profound thought, ‘what you focus on determines what you miss’. After realizing that, my heart longed to create in clay full time, I was met with a new crossroad in my life. My mother, who had moved to the United States became handicapped and needed my help. I made the decision to move to a new life in a different country to care for her. God’s hand was in my every move, and I came to know that everything happens for a reason ……….. nothing by chance.

Through my mother’s illness, I began a different path, but a path that would fulfill my dreams. Through divine intervention, I met Linda Spelko, who has become my friend, sister, and business partner. Our shared love of clay and determination was the reason to begin our business, Juliet Rose Gallery and Studio. I now work and live in Monson, MA with Linda and her family on a beautiful farm. Our gallery, studio, friends and studio associates are truly a gift of God. I feel immensely blessed."  - Juliet Bacchas

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