Jerry Axelson

I'm a woodworker and have been pretty much all of my adult life.  However, building homes and stores etc. is a totally different mindset and skill than the work I do now.  I make furniture now.  One of my endeavors in making furniture is to use as few metals as possible, no screws, no nails.  This means wood joinery such as mortise and tenon joints, dovetails and sliding dovetails, dowels and such.  This requires skills that I didn't acquire in the general construction business.  Most of my work is done by hand.  So, I have taken a number of courses at The  Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine in order to hone those skills and incorporate them into my furniture, which tends to be “one of a kind.”

My focus has been on my studio furniture work, but I also have made boxes and cutting boards. The cutting boards help to use up the small pieces of wood which are leftover from my big projects.  A single board may be comprised of 5 different woods. Feet are both decorative and functional by permitting air circulation around the board.  The sliding dovetails allow for the seasonal expansion and contraction of the wood. This movement in wood usually causes the demise of most cutting boards.  My boards should last a long time. 

I like wood - the feel, texture, grain and color.  I use sustainable, locally available hardwoods in all my work.  I like mixing them together to highlight the differences in grain and color.  My preferred woods are cherry, walnut, hickory and maple.


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