Astrid Sheckels is a native of the small farming town of Hatfield, Massachusetts, and cannot remember a time when she was not telling or illustrating stories. She grew up with her father's and grandfather's stories, therefore it's not surprising that Astrid herself enjoys telling stories - though hers are told visually. She says that, through her illustrations, she tries to give a story more depth and dimension - to take it to a new level.

Astrid began expressing herself artistically at age 2 when she decorated her family's new wall-to-wall carpeting with wax crayons. Home schooling and private art instruction laid the foundation for her artistic education, which was formalized at Greenfield Community College.

Astrid describes her art as "an outcropping of who I am. I am a Christian and my art reflects my world view. If you see any life, vitality, light, order, or beauty in my work, it is but a reflection of God, the Great Creator."






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