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Adorno, Pamela Pieropan Scraffitto & Applique Stoneware Pottery
Andrews, Marilyn, Ceramic Sculpture
Axelson, Jerry Furniture/woodworking, cutting boards

Bacchas, Juliet, Juliet Rose Pottery
Bacon, Annie, Beaded Jewelry/Mixed media sculpure
Bennett, Jeanne Sterling Silver Jewelry
Bergamini, Lucy Vitriesse Glass, Hand-made glass jewelry
Bernstein, Ricky Penrose Design, Handmade glass jewelry
Blade, Danielle GartnerBlade Glass LLC, Art Glass

Bloomfield, Petula Knitted metal jewelry
Bosch, Klaus, Sandpainting
Branson, Ed Hand-blown art glass
Brauer, Ann Art quilts

Brown, Jay, Hand-blown Glass
Campbell, Jennifer Helen  Jewelry inspired by the Victorian language of flowers|
Canali, Liz Handmade Felted Hats and Accessories, light shades

Cary, Elizabeth Penrose Design, Handmade glass jewelry
Chester-Demicco, Diane, Cold-worked and Laminated Glass
Christie, Caroline Wild Horse Photography
Clark, Rebecca Pastels
Cohen, Michael and Josh Ceramic tiles

Compton, Bob Blacksmith 
Consentino, Cynthia , Clay Sculpture, Drawings
Considine, Peg Painting on silk wall hangings & room dividers
Culleny, Pat Reminisce Jewelry Beads, crystals, stones earrings and necklaces
Danyliw, Tim  Repurposed Metalworks

Dark, Gabriel Darkstone, Stone carving, sculpture
Davis, Peggy, Calligraphy

DeBoer, Jacqueline, Cloisonne/Sterling Silver Jewelry 
Dole, Nancy  Author of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
Donato, Dane, Hand-made Instruments
Escott, Barbara Art Quilts
Fagella, Lucy Pottery
Faith, Tony Hand-blown Glass

French, Polly Nature inspired Mixed Media wall art
Friedman, Joy Pottery
Gambaro, Jim Color Photgraphy
Gartner, Stephen GartnerBlade Glass LLC, Art Glass

Green, Bob Raku and Saggar-fired Pottery
Grose, Peggy Painting, both wall art & on found furniture

Gunnard, Rachel, Sterling, Brass, 14K Jewelry
Hart, Peggy  Bedfellows Blankets, Textiles/Blankets
Hays, William Reduction Linoleum Prints
Hewes, Cosima, Drawing, Scratchboard Art, Painting
Holbrook, Sarah  Photography

Hurley, Lynn, Mixed Media
Holmes, Q Li Asian Inspired Painting
Homestead, Neil Mixed Media Sculpture

Hurley, Lynn Mixed Media
Iglehart, Karen, Oil Painting
Jacob, Edward - Wood Boxes
Jonathans Spoons Wooden Spoons and Utensils

Kipen, Ken Black-and-White Landscape Photography
Klein, Marty, Scanography
Kuklinski, Tom Kuklinski Fine Furniture, Furniture
Kustner, Gabi Carved and Fused Glass

Latimer, Lynn  Latimer Glass Studio, Fused glass
Litchfield, Kathy Handwoven Scarves and Shawls
London, Chris Ceramic Sculpture and Jewelry
Lyons, Lily Dichroic Glass Jewelry
Machin, Maya Wood-fired Pottery
McCarthy, E. Joseph Oil Painting

McCarthy, Michael, Pottery
Mercier, Nell - Miniature oil paintings set in Sterling Silver - Jewelry
Miller, Rick - Mirrors
Morrell, Leigh Wrought Iron
Muller, William  Big Wheel Press, Printmaking
Mulholland, Susan Seriography (screen printing), Wall Art, Notecards
Nahman, Archie, Mixed metal clocks, funiture

Nardiello, Carl, Photography
Olsen, Jon  Photography

Reed Susan, Photography
Renna, Sandy  - Turned wood vessels
Reynolds, George Marbeling, Silk scarves
Rezendes, Cheryl Silk scarves

Richardson, Katie  Katie Ray Arts, Glass jewlery/steel sculpture
Rideout, Laura  Art On A Whim Stained Glass
Rose, Rebecca Pearl & Bead Jewelry
Rosenblatt, Katie Sterling Silver Jewelry
Rubin, Karen Basketry and Silk Fusion
Ruby, Katrina Glass Sculpture
Salem, Ken Furniture
Schwabe, Mark Eliot, Steampunk Jewelry
Shea, Laureen  Watercolor/Notecards
Sheckels, Astrid Watercolor Paintings/ Book Illustrator
Sheckels, Bill Furniture
Simpson, Josh - Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass Hand-Blown Glass Art
Sinkus, Jeremy Glass Sculpture
Smith, Eric  Pottery

Stone, Kerry Collage Notecards & Wall Art
Taylor, Cara Taylor Ceramics, Jewelry & Vessels 
Tomlinson, Thayer Watercolor

Van Assche, Andrew, Ceramics
White, Tom Pottery
Wilson, Nancy Painted boxes & furniture
, mobiles
Zucker, Belinda Lyons Fiber arts/doll making







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